Young people in the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies

 Young players ventured in when cryptocurrencies rose in value, while holding on when the

According to Time, this is just one of many unusual examples of young people disengaging from traditional investment methods and pursuing unproven approaches. The post-Covid-19 economic situation prompts many young people to invest heavily in high-risk, high-reward transactions, rather than long-term investments.

These young people are going through a massive slump. On May 14, Altman posted a message to reassure those who lost money after the collapse of UST and Luna. "The market is going to stabilize, especially when there's a drought around the same time as the lunar eclipse," she said.

Last week, Luna and UST nearly collapsed, leading to the decline of many other coins and leaving many investors empty-handed.

“The crypto world has just gone through a bloodbath,” said Glauber Contessoto, a 34-year-old cryptocurrency expert nicknamed “Dogecoin millionaire.”

Contessoto became famous last year when he owned more than a million USD worth of Dogecoin after just two months of investing 180,000 USD in this coin. He cannot be that USD-pegged stablecoin like UST stable for long because they require “the trust of all crypto participants”, but is still determined to stick with the world. .
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