The player leaves Axie Infinity

 Hoang Kha once quit his job and invested thousands of dollars in Axie Infinity but has now given 

On the Axie Infinity groups, the number of people leaving the project is also increasing. "The wave of game deletions peaked around May when the price of AXS dropped to less than 20 USD. Users no longer shared about new tactics or achievements, instead they lamented not knowing when to break even, some people were angry. angry because I invested a lot in the game," said Tu Anh, administrator of a gaming group Axie Infinity with nearly 40,000 members. The latest post on the group is from someone who has been out of the game for two months, asking for advice on what to do with the remaining tokens in the wallet.

Not only in Vietnam, in the Philippines - which accounts for 40% of the player market share of Axie Infinity - has also witnessed a decline.

"Most Filipino gamers stop playing because of anger and anxiety. Many say they feel bored and stressed while playing. Others say they have lost thousands of dollars investing in the game. Now they have to get out. out of the game to readjust their negative emotions," Time said.

Activeplayer statistics show that Axie Infinity's monthly player count peaked in January at more than 2.7 million, but has continued to decline. In May, the average number of players dropped from 2.1 million monthly to 958,000. By July, this number continued to drop to 700,000.

Jeff Zirlin, co-founder of Axie Infinity, admits they are experiencing "serious loss" of players even when the Ronin network is reopened after the hack. "There was a week when Axie Infinity only had about 368,000 players logged in. The number is steadily decreasing after the game peaked at 2.7 million users," Zirlin told Blockworks.

Before the skepticism of the community, the founding team affirmed that the main purpose of the game is entertainment. "We want to focus on growing the player community through original giveaways and not related to the ponzi scheme," a Sky Mavis representative wrote in an email to Time.
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