The Shark Tanks argue about the classroom in the virtual universe

 Elite Meta wants to bring the class to the metaverse, competing with giants like Google, but Shark

hile Mr. Pham Thanh Hung, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cen Group, said that from a technology perspective, this is a great product, Mr. Nguyen Hoa Binh, President of NextTech Group, said that the nature of this model is not realistic. different and can create changes in user behavior compared to traditional online learning channels like Zoom.

Mr. Binh said the essence of the metaverse everyone is talking about is just complicating a simple issue. "Even using Facebook's metaverse, I didn't come back again because it didn't create any value," the NextTech president shared. Mr. Binh thinks that the metaverse is just redoing what game companies did 20 years ago.

However, Mr. Hung did not agree with this statement. "The space designed by Elite Meta is completely different from game companies, including Facebook. Symmetry, color, light... in this virtual classroom are all amazing, more beautiful than our architecture. normal game platform today", Mr. Hung affirmed.

Despite putting a lot of faith in technology, Mr. Erik Jonsson expressed concern about this Vietnamese startup's ability to compete with big technology corporations like Google and Meta - which are investing heavily in the metaverse. In response to Mr. Jonsson, the founder of Meta Elite said that international products are aimed at the global market, without too much customization to be universal for users. Meanwhile, classes on the Vietnamese metaverse are more customized for education, so they will have a competitive advantage in the niche market.

"Another special point is that major platforms are confusing game graphics with architectural graphics. Game graphics in the metaverse often cause fatigue for users because the brain will react to something unfamiliar. The graphics in Elite Meta are closely designed in terms of aspect ratio, color and material closest to real life. ' on the market," said Mr. Tuan.

The CEO of Elite Meta revealed that a co-founder of the company is working in the famous German information technology group Accenture. So technically, "made in Vietnam" products are parallel with German technology.
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