5 biggest cryptocurrency hacks

 Poly Network, Ronin Network and Wormhole are three of the blockchain platforms that have been 

On March 29, Ronin Network - the blockchain network built by Sky Mavis to serve the development of the famous game Axie Infinity - announced it was hacked and took a total of 173,600 ETH and 25.5 million USDC. The recorded data shows that the attack occurred on March 23.

If based on the date of the attack, the hacker took the tokens worth 540 million USD. However, if calculated according to the date of publication, the value of each ETH is 3,400 USD, this cryptocurrency is equivalent to 615 million USD, becoming the largest hack against digital currency platforms.

Ronin Network later said that it had stopped withdrawing and depositing money into the network, and disabled Ronin's bridge to other platforms in the game. This unit is also taking measures to track the path of the stolen money to find the culprit.

Ronin Network is a blockchain built for the game Axie Infinity with the purpose of helping to overcome some of the disadvantages of the Ethereum platform such as high fees and easy network congestion. According to Sky Mavis representatives, Ronin is built with nine validator nodes, each current deposit or withdrawal will require at least five validation notes. In the above attack, the hacker suc

cessfully infiltrated five nodes and took the aforementioned amount.
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