'Blockchain heaven' is taking shape

 Satoshi, an island located between Australia and Fiji, is considered a blockchain paradise because

Unlike regular islands, SIHL uses blockchain to manage Satoshi Island. Only those who hold citizenship, i.e. own NFT and real land, can live and work on the island. However, this right only applies to the land, not valid in other territories in Vanuatu.

SIHL says it will now hand out 5,620 citizen NFTs for free to subscribers who have a valid Ethereum wallet address and have bought, sold or created NFTs on OpenSea. Crypto influencers (KOLs) with more than 21,000 Twitter followers will also receive the same NFT if they sign up with SIHL.

"Satoshi will become the home for the world's crypto professionals and enthusiasts. It is a place to visit, work and live in a society built around a decentralized and based financial system. on blockchain," said the SIHL representative.

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