Dating in the metaverse

 In the movie Black Mirror, a man has sex with his lover through VR. The metaverse virtual universe

According to experts, metaverse is a form of simulation of real life, so VR dating will be more real than traditional apps. In particular, users are easier to judge the other person through the metaverse thanks to body language, conversation, etc. Traditional dating and video calling apps are limited in terms of images, while talking through the metaverse. better simulate real life, like meeting in a virtual location, participating in a shared activity, and forming a more tangible connection.

"The VR space makes it possible for people to meet in Hawaii or at a coffee shop instantly. Metaverse gives people the opportunity to meet, interact more everyday," commented consultant Elyse Hines.

Hines suggests that certain communities can benefit from the metaverse through easier connectivity, no matter where they live. For example, people of the third sex can meet other people halfway around the world, giving them a better chance of finding someone with similar interests or personalities.

Grace Lee, psychologist and dating consultant, recommends using the metaverse as a way to increase your chances of finding love. However, she said that after developing connectivity in VR, users still need more engagement via a phone or video call.

"It's hard to judge a relationship without actually seeing it in person," says Dr. Holly Richmond, an expert in sexology. "Those who want a long-term relationship, they need to get off the screen."
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