Earn tens of thousands of dollars when hiring people to plow NFT games

 From the amount of $ 2,000 per month earned from Axie Infinity, Jarindr Thitadilaka (Thailand) 

fter about half a year, Thitadilaka says his association has grown to a network of 3,000 people. Money earned from the game is divided at a ratio of 50:50. He also founded the gaming company GuildFi and raised $146 million from investors.

Thitadilaka isn't the only one following this monetization model. Several Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia are emerging as the hottest global NFT gaming hubs.

Teriz Pia, 25, from Manila, quit her job as a preschool teacher last June after her brother founded the Real Deal Guild, which specializes in playing blockchain games. Now, Pia says she's raking in $20,000 a month in various NFT games, mostly through the 300-player network she runs.

For Axie Infinity, Pia allows renters to keep 70% of the money. As for other NFT games, like Pegaxy which specializes in virtual horses, the ratio is 60:40. "I don't call them employees. We call each other friends," Pia said.
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