Hacker accelerates money laundering from Axie Infinity hack

 The amount of ETH cryptocurrency from Axie Infinity's Ronin bridge hack is being transferred

It is not clear what the hacker continues to do with the money from Tornado Cash. In the August 2021 Poly Network hack, the crooks also made a similar move, but then had to pay it back because money laundering is increasingly difficult, especially with large amounts of up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

"Theft is the easiest. The hardest part is planning ahead to ensure that the withdrawal is successful. Moreover, the bigger the hack, the harder it will be to get the full amount," said Jonah Michaels, representative. Web3 error detection platform Immunefi, said.

At the end of March, Sky Mavis, the company behind the game Axie Infinity, announced that their Ronin Network bridge was controlled by hackers at least five validating nodes, thereby making unauthorized transactions with the total amount captured. is 173,600 ETH and 25.5 million USDC, or 615 million USD.

Of these more than 600 million USD, about 400 million USD belongs to users and the rest belongs to the Axie DAO treasury. The company representative confirmed that it will refund users. If revocation is not obtained in two years, the Axie DAO community will vote to determine next steps.

On April 6, Sky Mavis said that it had joined with partners Binance and Animoca Brands to raise $150 million to remedy the aftermath of the attack. In addition, the company will improve the Ronin network, increasing the number of validating nodes from 9 to 21 to increase the security of the network. Sky Mavis also announced the Bug Bounty program, which rewards hackers who find security holes in their systems depending on the severity, with the largest reward of one million USD.
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