Hackers stole $58 million in cryptocurrency and claimed to return it

 Hackers nicknamed Robin Hood Crypto stole $58.2 million worth of Cashio tokens, then asked

On March 23, Robin Hood Crypto stole the Cashio cryptocurrency by exploiting the "infinite tokenization" vulnerability - a fundamental programming error in the blockchain. With the above vulnerability, the hacker "minted" about two billion new tokens without collateral. These coins were transferred from the Solana network to Ethereum for sale, helping hackers earn tens of millions of dollars.

According to Fortune, through tracing, a security expert discovered that Robin Hood Crypto's wallet address was related to a hacker with the nickname Ariusuhaaa - who was involved in many NFT scams such as Balloonsville, DoodleDragonz into Fine Folk. On March 31, the Etherscan tool identified a wallet address containing more than $50 million worth of stolen ETH and flagged it.

After the Cashio hack, Robin Hood Crypto announced on Twitter that it would return funds in Ethereum (ETH) to victims who lost less than 100,000 USD, with the rest donated to charity. But in the announcement on March 30, this person changed his mind, promising to return all victims on condition that they submit an application.

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