Lost all cryptocurrency because of help scam from strangers

 Nguyen Nhan (Tay Ninh) lost $5,000 in digital money in his wallet due to the wrong token transfer

However, after waiting for 15 minutes with no response, she went to Facebook to send a message to ask, but the account no longer exists, all messages this person sent were also deleted. Calling the phone number provided, she received a message that she could not be reached. Finally, she logged into her wallet, but all the remaining money was lost.

Van Thanh (Hue) was also tricked into providing crypto wallet keys after mistakenly transferring $2,000 worth of tokens through an unsupported blockchain network. Unlike Ms. Nhan, the crook asked him to access a website under the pretext of providing information to get his money back. "I clicked the link without thinking. Soon after, the remaining amount of more than 1,000 USD was no longer in my wallet," Mr. Thanh said.

Ms. Nhan and Mr. Thanh are two of the people who fell into the trick of helping to recover digital currency that was transferred to the wrong blockchain network or unsupported exchange. Le Thanh, administrator of a Facebook group about cryptocurrencies with more than 30,000 members, said that this topic of discussion has been frequently discussed recently.

"The trick is not new, appearing since 2015 when the cryptocurrency market started to attract attention and was warned many times," Thanh said. According to him, crooks often target "predators" who are less knowledgeable about cryptocurrency transactions and have failed transactions, by searching for shares on social networks, then messaging directly. continue to offer help. After creating trust when ready to provide personal information (most of which are fake), they lure victims into giving their wallet passwords, cryptocurrency exchange accounts or tricking them into clicking on strange links containing malicious code.

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