Make Millions of USD from NFT Trading Vulnerability

 One person took advantage of the vulnerability of the NFT exchange to make millions of dollars 

According to Dune Analytics, this is the largest airdrop event in the history of cryptocurrency. BAYC distributes 15% of the total supply, equivalent to 150 million tokens, to the community for free. Each BAYC holder will receive 10,094 APE, worth from $80,000 to $200,000 depending on redemption. Many owners said they had "a sleepless night" because of the large amount of money earned. But there are also people who take advantage of the hole in the floor to make millions of dollars.

"It's crazy, I just got 1.5 million USD from the airdrop. Can you tell me which industry can make quick profits with NFT?", an anonymous user shared a screenshot of the total transaction on 17th. /3 in a crypto investment group. Immediately this information spread throughout social networks.

Initially this information caused a lot of controversy in the community. Some people think this may be a promotional gimmick by BAYC. However, after examining the transactions, the crypto community discovered that someone actually made millions of dollars from this historic airdrop event.
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