Mistakenly sold NFT million USD for less than a cent

 Collector Dino Dealer mistakenly placed an order to sell NFT for less than a cent, causing 

The current owner of NFT Etherrock is selling it for 234 ETH, or $600,000. Most of the followers expressed amazement at Dino Dealer's confusion, while some also teased the collector.

EtherRock is an NFT project that was launched four years ago but only gained popularity last year and continuously increased in price. It consists of 100 images of an animated rock, each with different tones and converted to NFT. During the October 2021 auction, a collector bid 900 ETH (over $3.5 million) for one of these photos.

Buying through software (bots) is becoming so common in NFT marketplaces, that many websites offer their own bots to compete with every second.

EtherRock's success has spawned numerous clones in the NFT world, but no one can explain why it's so valuable or why anyone would be willing to spend thousands of dollars buying bots to claim it. EtherRock holders claim that "they like rocks".
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