Nguyen Thanh Trung: 'I am angry because hackers are too greedy'

 When he heard about the hack, Sky Mavis CEO said he felt angry because the amount of money 

x CEO said he thought he was very stable when he quickly calmed down after his confused thoughts. But as soon as he landed at the airport, when he got home, he saw that everyone in the small family was still happy and happy and his heart was sad, and he was completely broken. "It was a feeling of helplessness, I couldn't adjust my emotions to suit the situation, so I burst into tears," Sky Mavis CEO shared.

Days later, Trung and his teammates "pile up" at the company to handle the problem. According to him, the amount of money lost is not the issue he is most worried about. What makes him more concerned is how to keep the group's mentality stable.

Sky Mavis co-founder said that before the hack happened, there was a friend in the operation team who dreamed of the project being hacked. "The last time I dreamed of being hacked, this friend was very worried, now it's happening and I'm very afraid that you will collapse. When there is any problem, the first thing I have to do is keep calm. People find themselves in control of their emotions, they also feel secure, and one looks to the other to keep the organization stable. However, as long as one person is shocked or depressed, the negative energy will affects everything, then everything becomes even more confusing", Nguyen Thanh Trung explains why he is more worried about the psychology of everyone in the group than the money lost when hackers attack.

Right after that, he and the members kept meeting, updating the situation and finding the best solution together. There are many options offered, but CEO Sky Mavis believes that in the end there are only two options. One is to continue, the other is to stop. "All members of Sky Mavis have never intended to stop. Now, if they want to continue, there is only one option that is to maintain their reputation, overcome the consequences and return lost money to users. ", Trung said.
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