Spending hundreds of millions of dong to buy a machine to 'mine' virtual currency Pi

 Nguyen Son (Binh Dinh) spent more than 100 million VND to buy a computer for the purpose 

As announced on the website of Pi Network, Pi Node, or Pi network node, is software that runs on a computer with the role of creating and storing Pi. Unlike the Pi Network application on smartphones that only plays the role of registration, login, account recovery and the main purpose is to "take attendance" to receive Pi, Pi Node also performs the task of confirming transactions in our blockchain system. Pi.

While Bitcoin or Ethereum mining is based on a proof of work (Proof of Work) algorithm, which calculates the work process to receive a reward, the Pi Node blockchain uses the Stellar consensus protocol (SCP) algorithm. With SCP, nodes are trusted validators and only agree to transactions that other nodes accept. Through a so-called secure circle, nodes determine who can or cannot validate transactions on the Pi Network blockchain ledger.

Therefore, to operate with the highest reliability, nodes need to be online as much as possible and limit shutdowns. The reward is that the Pi coins on Pi Node are also higher than "mining" on smartphones.

"Pi number on smartphone is only temporarily recorded, only when the account is verified (KYC) and Pi Network enters the mainnet stage, that Pi number will be processed by Pi Nodes into real Pi stored on the blockchain." Tai Bui, an active member of Pi Network groups, explains.
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