Vietnamese contestants enter the top 12 Metaverse Nova Idol 2022

   The Vietnamese representative stood with Thailand and the Philippines in the top 12 finalists of the Southeast Asia blockchain talent search competition.

The final night of Metaverse Nova Idol 2022 - a Blockchain talent search competition across Southeast Asia, took place at Zouk Singapore. Overcoming hundreds of contestants in the preliminary round and challenging rounds, the top 12 best contestants from countries including: Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines entered the final competition round at the end of the competition. July.

At the final night, the contestants performed the competitions in a separate form, bearing their personal imprints through skills such as: dance, rap, singing, magic or cosplay,... among the topics. Topics around Blockchain. As a result, the first place belonged to contestant Phyo Mon Kyaw from Thailand. Second place went to contestant John Philip Gagarin. 3rd prize went to contestant Pannawat Piiyabenjawat. The Vietnamese representative stopped in the top 12.

As a judge, Mr. Truong Gia Bao - Chairman of DTS Digital Transformation Alliance said that the Blockchain market in recent years has shown development. Many countries around the world, after realizing the potential of this technology, have sought to apply it in many fields such as finance, banking, securities, retail... in order to serve technology and improve management efficiency.

As a companion with many Blockchain businesses, Mr. Truong Gia Bao also believes that along with the development of the industry, there will be a great need to recruit good personnel for the market. However, the training facility for the Blockchain platform has not been promoted. Businesses therefore lack highly qualified and qualified personnel despite paying high salaries.

According to the Chairman of DTS, this market urgently needs contests to find talent and good human resources on Blockchain so that business owners can find themselves quality personnel, such as Metaverse Nova Idol.

"Participating in competitions like Metaverse Nova Idol not only creates opportunities for participants to win prizes, but also helps them gain more knowledge and experience in the Blockchain field," said Mr. Bao.

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