Danisa donates laptops, helps highland teachers

 The Danisa butter biscuit brand gives many teachers in remote areas a laptop gift, effectively serving teaching and keeping the "fire" of the profession.

In the context of the education industry transforming to integrate into the digital age, many teachers in remote areas have to face the situation of lack of technological equipment and difficulties in teaching. Understanding this practical need, since last year, Danisa - the Danish butter biscuit brand - has launched the program "Together with Danisa in gratitude to tree growers - Handing over laptops" on the occasion of Vietnamese teachers.

Ms. Vi Thi Cuc - teacher of Chu Van An Primary School, Dak Lak province - was one of 81 people who received laptops in the first season. According to her, because the school is located in a highland area, equipment for teaching is still lacking. Teachers have to equip their own laptops, however, with limited income, many teachers cannot afford to buy them.

For the past year, the laptop has been a female teacher's companion. Ms. Cuc said: "I am excited to receive this gift. Thanks to it, the lesson planning process is more convenient, I can easily join professional classes, and have more interesting lectures for students. Most importantly, I can access the endless source of knowledge on the Internet, improve my pedagogical skills and support them further."

Before that, her students only accessed knowledge through books, blackboard and white chalk. Since having a laptop, she combines visual and vivid image and sound projection. Students showed interest and better understanding of the lecture.

"I hope the program will expand more and more, reach many difficult teachers, bring valuable and practical gifts to teachers in remote areas, making teaching and learning easier," Ms. Cuc expected.

Vi Thi Cuc's sharing is one of many inspirational stories that Danisa received after a year of implementing the program. "Every gift given is a fire of enthusiasm that is lit on the journey of teachers to bring the word to the highlands", the representative of the unit said.

This year, the butter biscuit brand continues to carry out the program "Give thanks to the tree growers with Danisa - Hand in hand to give laptops", expanding the way of participation to reach more difficult teachers.

Accordingly, each individual can nominate their favorite teacher or self-nominee through the program website with three simple steps.

"The mission of leading the future generation has never been easy, especially for teachers from remote areas and provinces. Let's join hands with the program, adding passion and great motivation to teachers to help them succeed. continue the noble journey", added the brand representative.

Launching the program "Together with Danisa in gratitude to the 'planters', hand in hand to give laptops", the Danisa brand has created a meaningful journey of gratitude to teachers on the occasion of November 20 this year.

Van Phat (photo: Danisa)

Danisa is a premium brand of butter biscuits, with ingredients produced from an original Danish recipe. For many years, the product has been chosen by generations of Vietnamese students to thank their teachers on the occasion of November 20.

With each of the above actions, you will contribute 10,000 VND of profit to give laptops to teachers. Danisa will choose the 10 most meaningful or interactive posts each week to give a combo of 6 gratitude cakes. The show runs until 11/20.
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