DTS Group cooperates with HUFI to train high-tech human resources

 Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry (HUFI) signed a cooperation agreement with DTS Group in human resource training in finance, blockchain,...

DTS will cooperate with the school to exchange expertise to enhance the applicability of the training program and develop professional skills related to finance and fintech for students of the school. DTS also supports training human resources in the blockchain industry, including equipping students with foundational knowledge to be able to deploy blockchain technology applications and startups into real projects.

The agreement aims to promote the capacity and strengths of each party, exploit the potential of expertise and professional practice in supporting human resource training to meet social needs. The cooperation agreement aims to promote the movement of linkage between training units and enterprises, opening up career opportunities for students of finance and accounting majors.

The scope of cooperation of the parties will focus on the implementation of the main contents, including: student tours, internships, and professional internships; training, counseling, career guidance, and professional skill development programs; cooperation programs on scientific research, consulting, services, science and technology transfer; scholarship funds, funding research activities along with recruitment and job placement for students.

Mr. Truong Gia Bao - Chairman of DTS. Photo: DTS
Mr. Truong Gia Bao - Chairman of DTS. Photo: DTS

Mr. Truong Gia Bao, Chairman of DTS Group said that it is very necessary to train human resources to meet the development of society and the needs of businesses. The blockchain trend is booming, so it is necessary for experienced units and businesses to support training institutions so that students and trainees can more easily access practical knowledge. "We are always ready to support the school and students in updating practical knowledge, internships, internships, maybe even a paid job while sitting at school," said Mr. Bao. confirm.

Dr. Thai Doan Thanh - Vice President of the University of Food Industry said that currently, schools are very interested in students' creative start-up activities. Many businesses have also begun to pay attention and support in start-up activities: guidance, professional advice, sharing of experiences, information and data so that students have good skills and the right orientation. .

DTS Group and HUFI University signed a cooperation agreement at the event. Photo: DTS
DTS Group and HUFI University signed a cooperation agreement at the event. Photo: DTS

DTS Group is an organization that brings together experts and businesses operating in the fields of technology, e-commerce, digital services and digital technology. DTS has the goal of supporting the small and medium-sized business community to change its activities to the trend of 4.0 to enhance competitiveness.

Currently, DTS is operating in the fields of: trade promotion, communication, training, human resource supply,... at the same time, providing a system of diversified products and services such as survey services. monitoring and assessing the safety of digital assets; training on online business, e-commerce management and digital transformation management;...

DTS Group also co-organizes many programs such as: Blockchain EXPO Vietnam 2022, Blockchain Talk, International Conference on Advanced Financial Management and Blockchain (ICBAFM 2022), Manga Comic Con 2022 Exhibition, ...

In addition, the unit also organized a delegation of Vietnamese businesses to visit and work with blockchain units in Dubai, participate in the event Binance Blockchain Week - Dubai 2022; guide, connect many technology team members to participate in many Blockchain events in the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, ...

In the ecosystem of the unit is DTS Foundation - an incubator for technology startups, especially blockchain technology. The DTS Foundation aims to be a launch pad for startups to go global through the implementation of many programs to promote and support startups in commercialization, fundraising and expansion.

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