Oscar-winning actor's NFT sold out

 Anthony Hopkins, a two-time Oscar-winning Hollywood actor, sold out his first 1,000 NFTs in less than 10 minutes.

Hopkins has partnered with Orange Comet to release an NFT collection called Eternity. 1,000 NFTs was inspired by various performances throughout his acting career.

Some NFT works in the Anthony Hopkins collection.
Some NFT works in the Anthony Hopkins collection.

Orange Comet says Anthony Hopkins' works are among the fastest-selling NFT collections in the history of the OpenSea exchange. On October 13, on Twitter, the actor also thanked the community and said that until now, he still can't believe the works were bought quickly.

Each Hopkins NFT comes with a random widget. Besides the NFT, buyers can get physical works with the actor's signature or attend an intimate meeting. Hopkins will also personalize the messages and secretly transfer them to the buyer's wallet.

In the description, he says the release of NFT is one of the ways to expand into the metaverse. Actor born in 1937 is famous for his role as Dr. Robert Ford in the movie Virtual World. He also made his mark as Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs. In 2005, he attracted attention when he published abstract works of art in a solo exhibition. In 2021, he started to enter the blockchain field with Zero Contact - the world's first NFT film produced in 17 countries. The film's appeal pushed Anthony deeper into the Web3, NFT, and metaverse. The Eternity Collection is his latest foray into blockchain.

Each Hopkins NFT costs from 0.64 ETH ($822). As of October 16, the total value of the collection is 424 ETH ($544,000).
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