Raramuri and Skechers hold a run on the metaverse

 More than 1,500 running enthusiasts around the world simultaneously participate in the marathon on the metaverse organized by Skechers Vietnam and Raramuri.

The Max Comfort Metaverse Race took place at the end of August, attracting more than 1,500 runners worldwide. This is one of the first marathons on the metaverse with the slogan "Run your comfort - Explore your best". Runners from the US, Canada, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Australia... have together completed more than 3,600 km on the metaverse track.

1,500 runners from 7 countries around the world participated in the metaverse run. Photo: Raramuri
1,500 runners from 7 countries around the world participated in the metaverse run. Photo: Raramuri

A special feature of this event is that participants from all over the world can start and run together on the metaverse at the same time without being limited by geographical and time barriers. Nam Do, founder of Raramuri, a metaverse project of Whydah, said that this is the first time a true metaverse run has been organized by Vietnamese people and attracted a large number of runner communities around the world to participate. .

According to Mr. Nam, it's not new for everyone to join a virtual running event, but the challenge is how to make everyone really excited and feel like they're running together, not with a phone. on hand.

"Metaverse has solved the problem of bridging the gap between traditional and virtual races. With the help of Raramuri, runners can create 3D avatars and track their movements on the road. virtual space track. Thousands of people around the world can start together, run together in real time, and chat with friends at close range even though they don't share the same track in real life," he said. Nam said. Technology also offers experiences such as hearing the footsteps of athletes, listening to music, cheers or MC's comments with the volume changing from far to near.

Raramuri is also designed so that runners and fans can watch the race live on the metaverse, who is in what position, and how the chase is going. In addition, users can also track numbers of people attending the event and interact in real time similar to attending a real-life event.

Runner will receive certificate with NFT and gift right on the app. Photo: Raramuri
Runner will receive certificate with NFT and gift right on the app. Photo: Raramuri

After completing the run, the runner will be certified, awarded a medal by NFT. In addition to the Top 3 finishing first, Skechers Vietnam also offers many attractive prizes such as shoes and shirts to random runners who have completed the registered distance.

One of the most attractive points of the metaverse run is that relatives, fans can also participate, watch live, cheer by sending applause, fireworks and participating in games, receive gift from sponsor Skechers.

Mr. Nguyen Phong, representative of Skechers said that Max Comfort Metaverse Race is a very special race. "Running on the metaverse is an extremely impressive experience. You get to start with a friend halfway around the world, talking together like two people on a running track. These experiences make the running track of everyone people become much more lively and happy", Mr. Phong said.

Nam Do said this is a metaverse application for both professional runners and those who are just starting to get acquainted with this subject. The most important factor Raramuri focuses on is community and how athletes can interact with each other on the track.

In the coming time, Raramuri will expand the feature, allowing the runner community from anywhere in the world to easily organize their own running races, fundraising events and many meaningful running activities. Raramuri will also link up with many professional and semi-professional running tournaments in Vietnam so that athletes can experience a completely different running track. on the metaverse, the goal is to bring runners around the world to the beautiful running routes of Vietnam.

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