A Ghost Is Rescued by Puppies

The first scene of the episode takes place during the night in Adventure Bay. The hooting soon jolts Rubble awake, and it stumbles into the hole that has just been dug.

 When he comes out of the cave, he discovers that the hooting was coming from Little Hootie. On the other hand, his attention is quickly drawn to a peculiar "Shh..." noise, and he appears to see a ghost sitting on the swing. After the encounter, Rubble is left feeling frightened, and Little Hootie flies away.

The next day, Rubble tells the other pups and Ryder about what he witnessed the night before, but they try to dismiss his story as a figment of his imagination. Even before they woke up, they couldn't figure out why their toys were strewn about the yard. Not even the other puppies are sure of what Rubble says, but he'll soon find out he wasn't imagining things...

Later that night, Rubble is roused from sleep by the game's soundtrack, "Pup Pup Boogie." When he goes to look into it, he discovers that the puppy treats have also been consumed, and he just catches sight of the ghost before it disappears back outside.

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