Can You Get an Apartment Without a Credit Check?

You may be able to get an apartment without strong credit, but it’s still a good idea to improve your score.

A good credit score can be the key to getting a lot of things in life, like better rates on loans, higher credit limits, and even apartments. If you have a low credit score or a short credit history, you could find that more doors are locked than they are unlocked. You can get an apartment even if you have no credit or bad credit, but having a strong score will make the process much easier.

How does your credit affect your ability to rent an apartment?

"Credit scores are a key part of a landlord's scoring model, which predicts a prospective renter's willingness and ability to pay rent," says Brian Zrimsek, industry principal at MRI Software, a property technology company.

"Different landlords use different credit bureaus, and the minimum score that is acceptable may also change based on location and type of property."

He says that many landlords will do a credit check at the start of the renting process.

Chris Motola, a credit analyst at, says, "Credit ratings can also be used to give priority to applicants with higher ratings or to get concessions from applicants with lower credit," like paying an extra month's rent up front.
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