Does Paying Off a Loan Early Hurt Your Credit?

Paying off debt can have both positive and negative effects, but the benefits of being debt-free generally outweigh the drawbacks.

Paying off debt is a good goal, especially if it will help you get out of debt or give you more money to spend on other things. But is there anything bad about paying off a loan? It might help your budget, but is there anything else? Does it hurt your credit score if you pay off a loan early?

It's important to know that paying off a loan early has the same effect on your credit score as paying it off on time. But it's true that paying off a loan can have a positive or negative effect on your credit score, depending on your overall credit profile.

Still, the effect on your credit score isn't always a big deal, especially in the long run. "Don't worry if your income goes down after you pay off a debt," says Zigmont. "It's not worth it to keep debt around. Start paying attention to your net worth and use it to track your progress."

Even if paying off your debt has a short-term effect on your credit, the benefits of doing so can make it worth it. Here's what you need to know about how paying off a loan affects your credit score.

In all of this, the most important thing is that you take the time to think about the different ways you can use your money to improve your financial situation, research the pros and cons of each option, and figure out the best way to move forward for you.
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