How to Build Credit Fast - Part 2

You can build – or rebuild – your credit fast by following a few simple steps.

Add a Co-Signature

By utilizing the credit of another person, you can improve your credit. You locate a person with good credit, usually a parent or relative. After that, you inquire about their willingness to sign as a co-signer on your credit card application.
Undoubtedly, this might lead to a problematic scenario. If the potential co-signer is open to it, suggest having a face-to-face conversation about the rules. Plan out your monthly credit card spending, the payment reminders you'll put up, and what will happen if you fall behind on your payments. Do your study before the meeting because not all of the big issuers let co-signers.

Your co-signer is legally liable for your loan as well. You must therefore fulfill your share of the bargain. Can you envision how unpleasant holiday dinners will be if you don't make your payment on time? It should be sufficient motivation to work hard and concentrate on establishing credit.

Become a Registered User

Ask a person with excellent credit if you can be an authorized user on one of their credit cards if you'd prefer to avoid the potential issues that could arise with a co-signer.

Usually, this individual is a parent or other relative who is eager to assist you in establishing credit. If you are an authorized user on someone else's credit card, you are not responsible for any incurred debt. Legal accountability rests with the account holder. Thus, use your credit card extremely wisely. If you max out the card, this has a negative influence on the account owner's credit score.

You should decide how to use the card and set dollar limitations together. Do a good job once more. The account owner will be impressed by your sense of responsibility as you establish credit.

This technique is unlikely to grow credit fast, but your score should get a bump. Every six months, add a new tactic to help raise your credit score, like a secured credit card. Combined, these tactics can help you quickly raise your credit score.
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