How to Get a Credit Card With Bad Credit

Even if you have bad credit, you can find a decent credit card if you look at the right type of cards. The good news is that you can get a credit card even if you have bad credit. What's the bad news? Some of your choices may cost money.

But if you know what to look for and read the fine print, you can choose a card that meets your needs and doesn't empty your wallet. Plus, you can use your new credit card to help your credit score get better.

Best credit cards for people with bad credit.

The range of FICO scores is from 300 to 850. Between 300 and 579 is a bad FICO score. Most credit card companies send your credit score for free with your monthly bill. If you don't have a credit card yet, you can find free educational scores on many websites. Even though the scores are VantageScore and not FICO, you will still learn a lot about your credit status.

If you know your score, you can figure out how far you need to go to get to a fair credit score, which is between 580 and 669. But don't worry if your score is closer to 300 than to 500. You can raise your credit score, and picking the right credit card is a good place to start.

Credit Cards for Bad Credit That Are Easy to Get

When your credit is bad, you won't be able to get as many credit cards. But you can get some kinds of credit cards even if you have bad credit.

Major credit card companies, credit unions, and other financial institutions all offer good cards in this area. To get a secured card, you have to put money down as a deposit. The money stays in the account, which lowers the risk for the person who opened the account.

You get a real credit card that you can use to buy things. As long as the issuer tells the major credit bureaus about your payment history, you will build credit. If you use the card well, the company that gave it to you might eventually give you an unsecured credit card. But even if the company that gave you your secured card doesn't have an unsecured version, your credit score is probably high enough that you can get a credit card from another company.

If you don't have a balance on your secured card when you switch to an unsecured card, you'll get your deposit back. Make sure you pay off your balance in full every month by the due date so you don't get into debt.
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