What Are the Credit Score Ranges?

Decisions about credit are made based on more than just your credit score. But knowing where your credit score falls helps you decide if it's high enough for the type of credit you're applying for.

For example, if you want a rewards credit card that requires very good credit but you only have fair credit, you'll know that you need to improve your score before applying.

Here are the ranges of FICO scores: Above 800 is exceptional. Very good: 740-799. Good: 670-739. Fair: 580-669. Bad: 579 or less.

As I've already said, even though a VantageScore and a FICO score have the same number ranges, you can't compare them directly. Here are the ranges for VantageScore credit scores:

Excellent: 781-850. Good: 661-780. Fair: 601-660. Poor: 500-600. Very poor: 300-499.

One way to see how the credit ranges are different is to look at "fair credit." If your FICO score is 600, that means you have fair credit. But a VantageScore of 600 is not very good.

There is some overlap between the credit ranges of the two types of scores, but there are also some differences when trying to figure out your credit status.
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